MVBIndulgences may von bonin MAY VON BONIN
Lucky descendant of a Chinese mother and German father, born in Malaysia and grown up in Switzerland loving the idea of being a world citizen with a taste for special delights of life. After working most of my life in IT sales, wonderful Mr. Hubby and I have dared the leap into a new adventure. Now based in Dubai I’ve come to cherish the finer sides of life. Varieties of these sides I want to share with you.


MVBIndulgences Gaetano TufoloGAETANO TUFOLO
Born in Italy, completed studies in China, came to Dubai for work and after 3 years fully spent pursuing a career in Financial Controls and Investment Banking I decided I had enough of Office life. I started traveling around the world and throwing Yacht events that feature a lot of international products. Make your passion your work is what I believe in ^^