Business Angel

We are your full service private concierge for UAE and Iran. These services don't stop at getting table reservations, desert safaris and party organization or finding the right accommodation for you. My personal specialty is also to function as a business angel in connecting you with the right network and persona for business contacts or business setup here in UAE or Iran.

Whether your focus is company formation, restructuring, growth, marketing inventions or product development, brilliant business ideas, commitment, and all needed virtues of a business man will not suffice to succeed. There is always one very important thing needed: CAPITAL.

Without sufficient funds your venture could be restricted or even doomed. It is essential to have a solid funding to ensure the success of your undertaking.

Unfortunately, and every so often, this is where the obstacles start: where do I find the ideal investors? Whom do I talk to? How do I get in contact with investors? Which requirements do I have to fulfill?

With our global network of investment companies and privateers on the lookout for highly promising investment possibilities and good ROI opportunities we are looking forward to helping you find the ideal investment partner for you to ensure your business success.